Three Reasons You Should Have Renters Insurance

About 35% of Americans live in rental units. This statistic alone is proof that renters insurance is needed. However, only a small percentage of this population has this insurance coverage. 

Even if you think your space is safe, there are many things beyond your control that can happen. It’s, therefore, essential to secure your belongings from the unexpected. 

Renters insurance protects you financially from the loss or damage to your belongings. However, the coverage you get depends on the value of your belongings and the kind of rented property.

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But first, let’s look at a few reasons why you need renters insurance.

1. Protect Guests

Do you own pets? Imagine your pet accidentally bites a guest inside your space. You are liable!

You might have to pay for all the costs related to the injury from your pocket. And it is not a pleasant experience.

For such reasons, you need renters insurance to protect you against injuries that may happen within your rented space. 

2. Repair and Replacement of Personal Items

You most likely have jewelry, electronics, clothes, and appliances in your rented space. What would you do if all these were stolen from you? Are you ready to spend several tens of thousands from your pocket to replace everything? 

Renters insurance covers you financially if you lose your belongings due to theft or burglary. Your insurer will pay you to replace the lost items. 

3. Fire Damage

Fires in rental property are not a new thing. If there’s an electrical problem inside your rented space, the homeowner’s insurance might not cover you in case of a fire. It will only apply if it’s proven the fire resulted from the landlord’s negligence. 

If the negligence is on you, you’re liable for the losses and damages. If you’ve renters insurance, all the expenses will be paid for by the insurer. 

Buy Renters Insurance Today

You never know what could happen the next minute. And being caught unprepared is the worst that can happen to you. Prepare in advance for any event by purchasing renters insurance.

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