Busting Florida Renters Insurance Myths

When you are a renter in Florida, you will have a lot of your life to protect, even if it feels like you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Many renters feel like they don’t need insurance because the landlord will have it, or they don’t have enough to protect.

At Palm Valley Insurance Inc., we want Ponte Vedra Beach, FL residents to have the coverage they need for every risk that apartment or renting carries. We don’t want you to be confused by the myths about Florida renters insurance

Myth: Renters Insurance Only Covers Contents

Renters insurance does not only cover contents. It covers your contents, and it also covers you in the event of liabilities.

If you are having people over and an accident happens or your dog bites them, you will be held liable. Renters insurance can help to protect you from those liabilities.

Renters insurance does cover your contents. It also covers your contents when you are not at home. If you are traveling, and a belonging covered by your renter’s insurance gets stolen, you can have that replaced.

Myth: Landlord Insurance Should Cover You

This is not the case in all areas of your building or home. Your landlord is required to have insurance for the main building and every hallway and common area. 
If a liability occurs with you or a guest of yours in any of these common areas, the landlord insurance will cover that problem. If the liability happens in your unit, then your insurance will cover that.

Myth: You Must Cover Every Damage in the Unit

This is also not true. There are damages that could happen to your unit that aren’t your responsibility. 

Flood, theft, fire damage, those are things that your insurance covers. If there is a structural problem, a contractor causes intentional drama, or an area your landlord services, their insurance covers it.

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When you are a renter, a lot of landlords will try and make you feel like you don’t have rights or are responsible for everything. You aren’t. At Palm Valley Insurance Inc., we want Ponte Vedra Beach, FL renters to be protected against every liability, and know their rights when they are. Call us for a quote today.