Life Insurance in Your Golden Years

Florida. If you were on a trivia game show that would be your first response if prompted with the question – “What Is the number one retirement state?”. There is nothing wrong with this perception of our beautiful sunshine state. The astute and courteous staffers at the Palm Valley insurance Inc. located in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL are well aware of the laws and regulations that govern life insurance in Florida. 

Once you enter your golden years it is a good juncture to review all of your life insurance policies. Most likely your needs have changed and the policy that you may have taken out some decades ago should be refreshed or replaced. Because life insurance is such an individualized product it is a great idea to speak with a professional about how to best protect yourself and your loved ones. 

 If you happen to have a whole life comprehensive insurance plan you may want to assess what your lifestyle needs are. These insurance policies usually accumulate value and you are able to borrow against them for major life events. Once you are in the golden years of your life major life events have probably changed dramatically.  Most likely you don’t need to save for your children’s college education or a new home. Speak with an agent to determine whether your needs would best be met with a whole life plan or a term life plan at this time.

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