Why Renters Insurance is a Must

When you are already paying monthly rent, purchasing additional insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense; however, renters insurance offers incalculable peace of mind and protection for your personal belongings should something happen. Keep in mind that some landowners will even require that you possess renters insurance prior to allowing you access to the apartment, home, or condo. While it can be tempting to assume that your landowner’s homeowner’s insurance policy will protect your belongings, the simple reality is that it only covers their items. 

A renter’s insurance policy covers personal property such as clothes, jewelry, electronics, furniture, and computers. Without looking at or writing down the entirety of your personal items it can be easy to assume your belongings are not worth much; however, they add up far quicker than you think. While policies vary from company to company, the vast majority protect against a myriad of potential perils and concerns such as damage caused by vehicles, explosions, theft, vandalism, fire, smoke, riots, and much more. In addition to covering your personal belongings, renters insurance also includes liability protection. For instance, if your dog sitter is injured while inside your home the policy will pay any legal expenses, medical bills, and court judgments until your policy limit has been exhausted. 

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