Top Little-Known Benefits of Renters Insurance

There are numerous benefits to renting over buying. In many ways, for example, renters are more protected from possible accidents, trouble with plumbing or electricity, and other upkeep needs. Still, there are certain disastrous events that won’t be covered by your landlord or your landlord’s insurance. And in these situations, renters insurance is the only thing standing between you and a complete loss of your belongings or finances.

This is what renters insurance is most known for. It covers your possessions and belongings in the event that a disaster listed in your policy occurs: lightning, water damage, theft, smoke and fire, vandalism, etc. But what about other benefits? Saving your belongings isn’t all your renters’ insurance can do as it turns out!

Here are some of the lesser-known benefits that you can look forward to — depending on the particular plan you choose.

1. Medical expenses in the event that guests are injured

If a guest of your rented home ends up injured on your rented property, renters insurance may pay the medical expenses for that individual.

2. Legal costs in the event of being sued

Renters insurance will hopefully satisfy an injured guest by paying their medical bills, but if that individual still decides to sue you for personal injury damages, your renters’ insurance may foot the legal bills.

3. Hotel stays after a terrible accident occurs

If your apartment building burns down in a fire, your renters’ insurance may also pay for you to have a place to say — a hotel, for example — while you look for a new place to live or get back into your old place.

4. “Off-premises” belongings

If your policy states so, your renters’ insurance may offer protection for your belongings even while you are “off-premises” or away from your rented home.

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