Is Flood Insurance Covered Under Your Homeowners Policy?

Flood insurance is not included in your standard homeowner’s policy, as it is a separate type of insurance. Although it is offered through FEMA, you can purchase flood insurance through your insurance agency. This is different from federal assistance, which is actually a loan that must be paid back.

Your flood insurance will protect you against situations where damage has occurred due to flooding, tidal waves, or severe storms, and it can cover specific situations related to mudslides. You will be covered in scenarios that are directly related to the flood, and your personal possessions will typically not be included under this coverage.

Legal Requirements and Qualifications

It is not required by law that residents of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL carry flood insurance, but lenders can require homeowners to obtain a policy. This is primarily the case when a property sits on a flood plain or in a low-lying area. You can discuss your level of risk with your insurance agent, as flooding can occur for a variety of reasons, including hurricanes, flash flooding, and rapid thawing. It is important to recognize that homes situated in areas with a low-to-moderate risk of flooding actually account for one-third of all disaster relief. 

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