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Umbrella Insurance in Florida

Umbrella insurance provides an extra level of liability coverage. It is designed to protect the insured from dangerous or unwarranted litigation. The very nature of umbrella insurance is to protect your existing and future assets. Let the experienced professional agents at Palm Valley Insurance, Inc. enhance your knowledge regarding umbrella insurance in Florida.

In and around the St. Augustine, FL area, umbrella insurance provides an added level of protection at relatively little cost. This supplementary liability coverage kicks in when you reach the limits of other insurance policies.

  • An auto insurance policy has a limit to how much it will pay in the event of an accident.
  • Your homeowner's policy has coverage limits as well.

Personal umbrella insurance has been designed to cover the more obscure "What If Situations" you may encounter.

  • What if your dog bites someone in your Florida neighborhood?
  • What if you cause an auto accident in which an expensive car is totaled?
  • What if an auto accident you are involved in severely injures others?

The reality is, typical homeowners or auto insurance policies wouldn't necessarily cover these tremendous costs. But, a personal umbrella insurance policy just might provide the coverage you need.

People usually buy Umbrella Insurance because they want to mitigate the possibility of financial devastation that can result from a misstep or an unforeseen accident. Why not discover how Umbrella Insurance might help protect you? The seasoned professionals at Palm Valley Insurance, Inc. in St. Augustine, FL are available to assist you.

Remember, augmenting your knowledge is a power play. If you have a substantial amount of personal net worth, an umbrella insurance policy may supplement your protection. Make sure you find the best coverage by consulting with an agent at Palm Valley Insurance, Inc.


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