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Renters Insurance in Florida

Let us insure your rental property

Moving into a rental property is an exciting and new adventure. While planning and pondering furniture options and how you will decorate the home, it is important to feel secure in knowing that in the event of any unplanned disaster and loss, your belongings will be replaced. For this reason, having a good renters insurance policy is a pertinent resource.

The experts at Palm Valley Insurance Inc. in St. Augustine, FL will provide all of the rental insurance needed to give you complete peace of mind. Whether it is apartment living or a single dwelling home, all of the belongings inside can be insured.

The weather in Florida can sometimes cause severe damage to many living quarters. The Palm Valley Insurance Inc. will protect against these weather disasters. If you are looking for insurance against flooding, you may need to speak with an agent about a separate policy. Rental insurance can also protect you from a plethora of other accidents such as property lost by fire, theft, and others.

We provide a full spectrum of rental coverage

Coverage can provide protection to the items inside your Florida home. A landlords insurance policy may protect the structure of the building but it leaves your possessions uncovered by their policy. The coverage may include your furniture, jewelry, clothes, electronics, and more. It is important to make an inventory of your items for your insurance agent to make sure you have the proper coverage when it comes to the value of your items.

Insure your rental property and all of your valuable possessions. Rest easy in knowing that if the unplanned does happen, Palm Valley Insurance, Inc. in St. Augustine, FL has you covered.

The friendly, capable and experienced agents will assist in determining the exact policy to meet the needs of all customers. If you are in or near Ponte Vedra, FL, come down and talk with us about your rental insurance needs. Give us a call, and we will walk you through the process of changing or starting a rental insurance policy.


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