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Commercial Insurance in Florida

Commercial insurance is a collection of insurance policies that cover companies in the event of an accident. The plans include the premises, workers, and other assets such as vehicles.

Running a successful business is challenging, but at Palm Valley Insurance, Inc. you can rest assured that we take care of those unplanned misfortunes. No matter the industry you operate in, be it the service sector, manufacturing, or construction, we have the best coverage for your needs.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a policy that repairs damages to property caused by fires or harsh weather like storms. The system replaces stolen and damaged assets on the property as well. Residents of St. Augustine, FL can count on Palm Valley Insurance, Inc. to provide protection for the structure and items in your home.

The basic form policy covers fires and storms, broad form policy covers damages that occur due to structural damage from plumbing and piping, sprinklers, or snow, and the unique form is more comprehensive in the perils it includes. This is apart from particular policies that need an exclusive policy such as terrorism or earthquakes.

Commercial General Liabilities

This coverage suits the business operation services and employees. It includes injuries causing bodily harm, property damage, and other costs to the firm created by advertising. Slander is a serious allegation that could lose your business its clients. The general commercial liabilities have some coverage that includes operational coverage, product operation coverage, excess liability, and you can go beyond your limits with umbrella coverage. The extent of these policies varies depending on the debt incurred.

Operational coverage caters for liabilities that cause bodily injury to employees or property damage as a result of your business operations. Product operation coverage pays for losses that occur away from your premises but are caused by your products and work.

At Palm Valley Insurance, Inc., we offer a myriad of services for your Florida business needs in St. Augustine, FL. You can visit our offices or call us to talk to an agent about the kind of policies available.


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