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Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Insurance for vehicles has for a very long time been a compulsory requirement by the law for the sake of everyone using the roads and for the general public who are at times referred as the third party.

Whether you are in Florida or any other state, some laws govern motorcycle operations. We thus offer some policies to ensure that you do not break the law. Some of the coverage options we offer at Palm Valley Insurance Inc. include;

Comprehensive coverage for motorcycle

This coverage takes care of any damage to your bike that is not caused by a collision accident while you are on the road. The policy takes care of losses arising from theft, damage due to falling objects, vandalism, and other damage that may be caused by natural disasters like a tornado.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects you from any loss or damage to the motorcycle itself or any injury suffered by the person riding the bike. Palm Valley Insurance, Inc. covers all your losses regardless of whether you had the accident in St. Augustine, FL or if you had the crash in a neighboring state.

Uninsured motorcycle coverage

We offer this policy to protect you from losses that you may incur if you get into an accident with a driver whose vehicle or motorcycle is uninsured or underinsured. The coverage will also protect you from hit and run losses.

Collision Coverage

It covers damages to your motorcycle if an accident occurs causing you to hit another party.

There is no warning as to when or where an accident will happen; it can happen while you are in St. Augustine, FL or any other part of Florida. For that reason, please feel free to visit our offices or website to get more information on acquiring a motorcycle insurance policy. Reach out to our agents at Palm Valley Insurance, Inc.; we can answer any of your questions and give you details on requirements for your policy.


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