What Does Umbrella Cover?

For some, there is some confusion surrounding umbrella insurance. Based on the name, you would assume that it covers everything you own under one big umbrella. The truth is… that’s sort of what it does, but not quite. If you want to call Palm Valley Insurance Inc. for an umbrella policy, you should know what that means, first.

The long and short of it is: You still need to keep your standard homeowner’s policy on your house in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, even if you have an umbrella policy. You need to keep your car insurance policy, your business policies and so on. Umbrella policies are not a replacement for conventional insurance plans, but supplemental coverage for everything that you already hold insurance policies for. If your car or home suffers damages beyond what your basic policies cover, then you dip into a single umbrella policy to make up the difference.

Well, it covers almost everything. Umbrella insurance won’t always cover specialty insurance items. If you own an exotic car or your business happens to be managing and coordinating dangerous stunts for Hollywood films, not every insurer is going to cover that with an umbrella policy, but for most of us, umbrella will cover just about everything we own.

Umbrella coverage simplifies a lot of the problems you have with insurance. You don’t have to try and guess which policy needs to be extended, you can simply call Palm Valley Insurance Inc., get a single new policy as a sort of safety net (or, well, an umbrella) and rest easy, knowing that if your current auto or home plan runs out, then you have the umbrella plan to lean on.