Should a Married Couple Take Out a Single Auto Insurance Policy?

You might not think about talking to Palm Valley Insurance Inc. before getting married. Your religious official or a pre-marriage counselor in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, probably tops your list. However, every couple should speak with their insurance agents before marriage.

Consulting Your Insurance Advisors

Before your wedding, obtain a quote from each spouse-to-be’s insurance agent for a joint insurance policy. You may find it cheaper to buy a joint policy or for each to maintain your current individual policies. Here’s why.

When a couple marries, they typically reduce the risk they pose to a financial institution. Married people tend to drive safer, resulting in lower premiums.

However, if one or both spouses have a DUI, DWI, or other dangerous driving ticket on their record, it won’t result in lower premiums. Talking to your insurance agent before obtaining your quote and honestly admitting to a bad driving record to your spouse can help build trust in your relationship. 

Avoid the type of conflict depicted in "The Closer" when Brenda and Fritz marry without him revealing the DUIs he had on record. That script accurately illustrated the truism that a married couple should only buy a shared auto policy if both spouses have good driving records. If one has a bad record, the premiums charged will increase. 

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