Who is Covered Under Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Whether you own a new or older vehicle, auto insurance is a must to protect you and others on the road. At Palm Valley Insurance, Inc., we can help you select an insurance policy that suits your budget and driving needs. If you plan to let others borrow your vehicle, you should make sure your policy offers coverage for your guest drivers. The following guidelines can help you understand who is covered under your auto insurance policy.

Members of the Same Household: In general, anyone that lives with you is protected by your auto insurance policy. This could be your spouse, son, daughter, mom, etc. If they have permission to use your vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, they will be covered under your policy. Many states require that members of the same household be listed on the same auto insurance policy to receive coverage.

Visiting Relatives: If a relative comes to visit you in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and you permit them to drive your car, he or she will also be covered under your policy. Just make sure your relative has a valid driver’s license before loaning out your car. If your relative decides to stay for several months, you may need to add him or her to your policy to get coverage.

Friends: You may on occasion permit a close friend to drive your vehicle to fetch something from the store or pick your children up from school. If your friends have permission, they, too, will be protected under your insurance. Friends and visiting relatives, however, may have reduced coverage due to not being listed on your policy. You can review your policy to see what kind of protection these drivers will receive.

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